Pure Spanish Horses for Dressage

Dedicated to the Horse of Kings, the most Noblest Horse in the world. NOBILITY, BEAUTY AND FUNCTIONALITY. Pure Spanish Horses have natural smooth gaits including the elegant walk, high proud trot and admirable canter. Undoubtedly the best choice for horse lovers who want to enjoy both at the level of competition in Dressage, as to participate in morphological competitions and as a horse ride. Whether you are a professional or just for fun, we have horses suitable for all types and levels of riders.

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Horses for Sale in CALIFORNIA


PRE stallions at stud. We give our clients a high quality product and the best of which this breed can give. Horses were chosen for beauty, movement, stamina, intelligence, bravery and obedience. 

Horses for sale

Here you will find PRE horses, colts, mares and fillies of all ages of unsurpassed quality, with outstanding morphology and spectacular movements.


We offer good quality PRE horses for dressage for sale. We will be happy to help you in choosing your special horse. Please contact us for further information.


Registration Services for ANCCE, IALHA,  Andalusian and Friesian Horses, Pure or Half Bred. All Breeds Considered. We Specialize in Registration Problems, Change of  Ownerships, Lost paperwork, DNA Certification, Microchip Certificates, Color and Horse Ancestry Testing. 

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